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Can you really do a newborn mini session when talking about newborn photography?

Newborn Baby swaddled holding mini teddy bear in his hands

Usually, when mothers reach out to me asking about my prices for newborn photography, they ask me one simple question. Can you really photograph my baby in 20 minutes and produce a variety of poses AND can you guarantee my baby will sleep during this 20 minutes? If you looking for just the quick answer, its yes to both questions. If you want to understand a little more, please keep reading!

sleeping newborn holding stuffed dog

Let me start by saying, the time window is a guideline only. I do not set a timer when clients enter the studio. You are not kicked out when the invisible time beeps. This time window is to help you prepare for how long you will be with me (possibly). I prefer clients to not plan anything before or after the session so neither of us feel rushed during your newborn photography session. That being said, a mini session is a swaddle only session. 99% of the time, once I get your newborn baby in a swaddle they will sleep. This makes it super easy to transition during the session. It’s just a matter of changing out the set ups and wraps and not waking the baby. And I always have the props laid out and ready to go, so they is not a lot of time spent in the transition. I like to think about it like triathlon training, those transitions that is. newborn in a bucket with arm dangling out the side, baby is sleeping

Can you get enough photos in such a short time frame?

Absolutely! While many things didn’t change during the photography session, like the wrap, colors and set up, many things did. The angle of my camera. The direction of my light. Sometimes, I add in a stuffed animal or remove a hat. These simple changes can change the entire look of a photo. Which means for you, more options! I am always very happy to share a current gallery if you really wonder about gallery selection, so don’t hesitate to reach out an ask to see one.

newborn in a cream bucket wearing a gray bonnet

I often get asked about my props so here is a fun DIY for this week that is fun and will help you save some money. For this session I bought a simple galvanized bucket from Lowes , this spray paint from Walmart and just a bit of liquid toilet bowl cleaner. The most effective brand I have found actually came from the dollar store (don’t buy the gel it doesn’t work as well). Spray the bucket with the paint and let it dry. Once dry, I put in a large kiddie pool and then coated with the toilet bowl cleaner. In some spots I put steel wool on the bucket and let it just erode the bucket to give it the rusted look. Once you get your desired look, clean the bucket off and use!  Let me know if you try it and share your results in the comments.


newborn sleeping with his mouth open swaddled in a brown blanket, laying in a basket

After reading all this, are you ready to learn more about booking your very own newborn session? You can reach out to me by clicking on this link or using the contact form on the top of my website.

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