Welcome to the studio

375 Four Leaf Lane Suite 203

Charlottesville, Va 22903

Congratulations mama!

If you find yourself here, it means you’re already in the midst of planning—perhaps you’re expecting, or your little one has already made their grand entrance, or maybe you’re joyfully commemorating a first birthday! Regardless, these are all incredible reasons to embrace the moment, celebrate, and forge beautiful memories.

Because knowing who to trust shouldn’t be that hard…

Step into the welcoming embrace of the Crozet/Charlottesville Newborn photography studio, where tranquility and comfort intertwine to create a haven of relaxation. You will take 2 flights of stairs (or the elevator if desired) to the second floor, where the studio is prepped and waiting for your session.

Nestled in soft hues and gentle lighting, a cozy warm temperature and the quiet sounds of white noise, the atmosphere exudes a sense of serenity, inviting you to leave the worries of the outside world behind.

You need only bring your precious newborn and however they eat. Angela will provide the rest. The studio is fully stocked with pacifiers, diapers and warm wipes. A small assortment of snacks laid out and conveniently located restrooms are just down the hall.

From the cozy wraps and delicate props to the soothing ambiance, the studio becomes a sanctuary where you can surrender the moment you enter.

With a gentle touch and an artist’s eye, Angela is known to capture the essence of your little one, preserving their earliest days in timeless portraits.

Relax and enjoy the process as we create cherished memories that will forever grace the walls of your heart and your home.

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Some of Angela’s favorites

“I believe firmly that props should only ADD to the phone, not BE the photo. Your newborn should be the focal point of all images and the props should just be the icing on the cake.” Angela McNaul

The studio is cleaned after every session. Props are sterilized or cleaned as needed. Shoes are taken off at the door.

Studio Sessions can last up to 3 hours depending on what session is booked. Siblings are always welcome at a newborn session. My studio has a cozy waiting room where clients can relax during the session OR upfront seating in the shooting room to watch me work.

Some toys are provided to keep little siblings occupied but feel free to bring your favorite screen for them too. Snacks are provided but for a full meal there are a handful of restaurants within walking distance of the studio for a quick bite to eat after or to step out and grab during the session.