Newborn Photography Questions Charlottesville Studio Session with Baby Thomas

Just a few of some of the questions I get asked about Newborn Photography.


Newborn Thomas swaddled in a wrap laying in a basket

You reached out to me, you have looked over my price list and now, you’re left to wonder. Will the smallest package be enough? What is the difference between the bottom two? Do we want to be in the photos? Why is newborn photography SO expensive? Well, I am here to answer some of these questions for you! Feel free to leave a comment at the end, if you have more questions I can answer in another blog post.

Newborn Thomas Headshot wearing a hat


Let’s start with my bottom two packages. And in answering this, lets go ahead and just answer if you want to be in the photos also. Yes, if you book the smallest package, you will see a variety. How can you have a variety of photos with only one set up? These two photos of newborn Thomas are from the same set up. I added a hat, moved in closer and shot close up. Check out the next photo, yep. Didn’t change a thing, just did a profile shot again.

Up close profile photo of baby Thomas

 If you want to see more colors, more variety, book the next package. It includes a little more photo and backdrop options. Do you want to be in the photos? This is a question only you can answer. Most of my mothers don’t feel like being in the photos, you just delivered a baby and are not feeling photo worthy, but most of my mothers who decided to be in the photos, never regret it.

Newborn Thomas laying in a basket with his hands on his chin

Why is newborn photography SO expensive?

I promise, you do not want me to bore you with words like taxes, studio rent, professional camera equipment, websites, seo, advertising, repairs, classes, equipment and props.

I could do an entire blog post (and if you are interested in any of this, feel free to message me) on how much I actually pay myself at the end of the day, but that is not really important to anyone other than me. So, lets just say, it’s an investment that you wont regret and you are supporting my small business and helping me forge ahead as a woman entrepreneur.

At the end of the day just make sure you are booking a safe, legal and professional photographer, even if its not me. Ask for your photographers past galleries. We all show only our BEST work online and on social media. Ask to see a few of their entire sessions, so you know what you are getting when you pay for your session.

Bamboo Papasan Chair with newborn Thomas laying on it.

If you are interested in booking a newborn photography session message me via my contact form for my current availability and prices. I am also happy to have potential clients tour my studio in person or on zoom.

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