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Holiday Mini Sessions in Charlottesville

Charlottesville Photography

Every year, the fall season rolls around, and I get a flood of emails, text messages, and phone calls asking me if I offer mini sessions and when can you book.  And my response over the years has changed a little bit here is the truth. I don’t offer them. Not in the tradition, line a bunch of people up. Give them ten-minute slots, back-to-back, and produce a conveyer belt of smiles and poses in the course of 4 hours. And here is the honest truth. The first and last people that book, don’t really get the best of me. This means you don’t get the best photos!!

Why I don’t offer photography mini sessions.


Charlottesville Photography

Why don’t I love mini sessions and why do I offer nontraditional mini sessions? Because I have not had time to warm up, fix my settings, get to know your family at all. And if you have little kids, I haven’t had time to learn what makes them smile or even get them to trust me TO smile.  So, my mini sessions are a bit different. I call them nontraditional mini sessions. This means you still get 20-30 minutes of me! There is no other client that evening before you or after you. It’s just you! That way if I need more time to get your children to warm up to me, I have the time! And I don’t feel rushed because you don’t see my other clients lurking in the shadows waiting for their photography session.

Charlottesville Photography

As a result, photography mini sessions are done Monday- Thursday. And these are not back-to-back sessions. They are all about you and your family.  There are two specific locations that are offered for these sessions, both in the Crozet – Charlottesville area locations. Mini sessions are done at sunset and are between 20 and 30 minutes long. Enough time to make you feel like you are getting wonderful photos and enough time that I can guarantee that I got the right number of photos for your family and that the smiles we are getting are genuine.

handsome boy standing on a hill at the Clifton inn in Charlottesville for his mini photography session

Are you ready to book a mini session with Angela McNaul Photography? Do you want more information on how to book a session? Scroll to the top of the website and submit a contact form and you will receive a response shortly!

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