Capture the beauty of new beginnings as these moments are fleeting

When is the best time to schedule a newborn session?

I love to hear from expecting moms in the second trimester. This way it gives us plenty of time to plan your newborn photography session. Each newborn session is custom and I love your input into colors you would like to see. I also hand pick/buy each prop with a baby in mind or an idea in mind. It’s never too early to let me know you want a photo session. And it’s never too late! Is your newborn baby already a month old? Don’t hesitate to message me. Photographing these memories is timeless.

Do you come to our home? Or do you have a studio?

All of my newborn sessions are done in my 800 square foot studio.  I am located in Crozet/but with a Charlottesville address. For nearby food, within walking distance are a Subway, Dominos, Bacio and Mexican restaurant Jalisco’s.  Snacks and Drinks are available in the studio.

When do you like to photograph a newborn?

I prefer 5-21 days but I we can do a little older, we just might need to do more swaddle and wrapped poses.  Before the 2 week mark, babies are very bendable, squishy and sleepy.

What if my baby doesn’t sleep?

Rarely does a baby not sleep. We use heat and milk and I often start with a sleepy swaddle.. I keep my studio set between 80-85 degrees with heaters going the entire session. Please dress comfortably and take breaks to step outside. I also keep a fan running for moms and dads to sit in front of if they get to hot. We will take as many breaks as needed for your baby to nurse or feed.

Do we provide props or do you bring them with you?

I have over 1000 props in my studio. I customize each session for your little one. That being said, I love that blanket that grandmom knit. And of course, you can use the hat your best friend Sue made for your little one. Just let me know in advance what you are thinking so I can incorporate your ideas with mine. I would love to hear your ideas but remember we only have so much time before your baby is overstimulated and we have to be able to create a flow to get the best use of our time together. Swapping sets out takes a lot of time.

You will receive a form with your contract that will help direct me to colors & poses you love.

I do my very best to work within those ideas as long as they are from my work.

How long does a newborn session actually last?

Most of my sessions average 1-2 hours long. I promise I do not get frustrated being there that long. And you won’t believe how fast it goes by. But yes, sometimes one pose can take me 15-20 minutes before I even snap one picture. Plus I am all about taking breaks and working around baby’s needs and wants and feedings. Please feel free to read a book, nap, do your thank you cards, or even do laundry (if we are at your home of course). Snacks and drinks are always on hand.

Can we get mom & dad shots? What about sibling photos?

Yes, yes and yes! Just book these packages. I start with parent photos. Then I will transition to siblings, please also try to be realistic about siblings. Often time, this is a huge change for them. The addition of a sibling can create lots of feelings they don’t know how to deal with. They might not want to hold the baby. Or sit for photos. They might be jealous or cranky. We will do our best to get photos of everyone and siblings but it doesn’t always happen.

I then encourage dad or grandmom or someone to take siblings out of the studio after their part of the session.

But keep in mind this is your newborn shoot. I am going to focus most of my session on the newborn.

We have picked out 5 outfits for our newborn to wear, is this ok?

Baby’s look best in nothing at all or in-studio wear. This is how I love and prefer to shoot my babies. I have found that most clothes, even the ones that say “newborn” swallow a baby up. It’s not a very flattering look for newborn photos. Pick one outfit and match it to your family photo. This is the only time I would say keep the baby dressed. Because I am sure mom, dad and brother/sister are going to be dressed too. Otherwise, a sweet, simple white onesie (sized newborn NOT 0-3 months) is the sweetest thing on a newborn for family photos or sibling photos.

What about me? I just had a baby and I don’t feel comfortable in anything I own?

Ok moms, you just had a baby. This is probably the first outing you are taking. Probably the first real shower, outfit, and makeup you have put on. Let dad take over baby duty for a couple of minutes and spend some time on yourself. Do not wear clothes that are too BIG. Black is always flattering. Form-fitting is better. Photoshop and posing are my best friend and I will make sure you feel and look amazing in all your photos. I also will send you a prep guide to help with outfit selection and I am more than happy to talk on the phone OR facetime you while you pick out clothes.

But, what should we wear?

Please wear a form-fitting top or dress for moms or henley shirts for dads, try not to wear button-down shirts or shirts with a lot of stripes/patterns. I prefer solid colors. Natural colors. This keeps the focus on the baby and not your clothes. Studio gowns are available for moms to use for their newborn sessions. Please do not stress about your outfits. Do not worry about shoes. They are rarely in the images. s to use for their newborn sessions. Please do not stress about your outfits. Do not worry about shoes. They are rarely in the images. (sized newborn NOT 0-3 months) is the sweetest thing on a newborn for family photos or sibling photos.

Can we take cell phone photos and videos while in the studio?

YES! I love behind the scenes photos! Make sure you tag me on Instagram or Facebook! Check in while you are there!

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