Mine ~Family photographer Charlottesville Virginia~

My dad and his wife flew to Virginia from Maine a few weeks ago for a (insert sad face) short visit. I really wanted to get some photos of my dad and my kids together for myself, for my kids and for my dad and his wife. We are still in awe that my dad is here with us today. We almost lost him many times in the last 3 years. Countless surgeries and hospital stays that were much to long and much to scary. The big surgical scar, so very visible in my photos, was due to a massive bleed that almost took his life last year. That beautiful woman sitting next to him in most the photos is the reason he is here today. And for her, and his scar, we are so thankful that he is here and my kids get to know their only living grandfather. I love you both so very much and am so sad that our visit was so short but just know how very much we love you both and cant wait to see you next summer.

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