Charlottesville photographer photographing a one year old cake smash Baby S

Baby “S” turns one

Monticello Trail in Charlottesville, Virginia

 When parents contact me about a cake smash session, a LOT of thought and planning can go into the sessions. Things to think about when planning it.

Do you want it inside? Inside photos can be a lot of fun. Clean up is a breeze and we can go “all out” for the background. We do have more control over most environmental factors that can influence the session and there is not a lot of distraction. These can be done any time of day since lighting is never an issue.

How about an outdoor session? Talk about easy clean up! Outdoor sessions do take a little more planning, though. Make sure you pack a zip lock baggie with soapy wet washclothes. Cake can be terrible to get off with a baby wipe. I only photograph cake smashes outdoors at sunset for the “perfect” light and temperature. Also, outdoor sessions are very weather dependent BUT they are my favorite.

Do parents and siblings want to be in the photos? This is totally up to you but can take more planning. But remember this is the birthday session and most of the focus is going to be on the one year old AND by the time we get to the cake smash they might be tired and not want to take the photos. So if a full family photo session is important to you, I would book them separately. I like to keep the family part short and sweet and really aim for under twenty minutes.

Do you even want a cake smash? Maybe you want just simple one year old portraits? YES! This a great idea! And not at all unusual. I big percent of my clients just want to capture their one year old as he/she is. This is totally ok and makes for a wonderful birthday session.

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