Charlottesville Baby Photographer Photographing 3 month old Liam

3 Month Baby Session

Charlottesville, Virginia photographer

Rachel reached out to me a few weeks ago inquiring about a session. Her question to me was if I offered sessions with 3 month old babies. We did get Liam’s newborn photos done but he is growing so fast she wanted to capture this stage of his adorable baby life.  So I booked a mini session with Rachel, its a pretty quick session, lasting around 20 minutes at sunset. It is an outdoor session which gives us a variety of backgrounds without all the backdrops and photography supplies.

Since three month old’s cant sit on their own, there is always going to be some holding and snuggling involved with these sessions, which is why its pretty near perfect to have family in the photos! We did bring a basket and blanket so we could get some portraits of Liam on his own, looking up a the camera.

I loved how bright and vibrant his session turned out and I hope to see more 3 month old’s behind my camera!



Troy Virginia Newborn Baby Session_0357.jpg
Troy Virginia Newborn Baby Session_0358.jpg

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  1. What a cute family!
    I would love to win a session because my family has not been in front of your camera in too long. I would love some new pictures of my babies for the Upcoming holiday season!

  2. WE would love to Win a fall mini session because our girls are changing So much, and we are terrible at getting family pictures together!

  3. Need this for my girls! I love your photography it is my favorite!! My girls and family need some new angela photos!!! 

  4. How adorable is this family!! 
    I would love to win the mini session for tristan! He is getting big so fast. 2 teeth, crawling Any second, time is just passing by. I look at his newborn photos by you and it takes me back to hearing the shusher and watching my little miracle pose for you.  The pictures are incredible but what is even better is the memories i will have for a lifetime. Even if i dont get picked, thank you for that. 

  5. We would love to win the mini session because you are our fav photographer and our girl just loves you and your camera. We need some new family photos for christmas cards and you are like an icon to our friends and family ❤️

  6. I would love to win the fall mini-session! I love my matErnIty photos and my baby’s newborn photos taken by Angela. She captures such sweet moments and i would love another Session as my son will be reaching 6 months in october! We Would love to decorate our house with Angela’s beautiFul pictures! 

  7. i want to win a fall mini session because i love your photos and beCause my babies are turning one next week ????

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