Charlottesville Baby Milestone Photography Portraits “Wright” + What is the best time to do baby’s photos?

Charlottesville Baby Milestone Photography

Angela McNaul Photography photographs Portraits for baby “Wright”

+ What is the best time to do baby’s photos? scroll down to read more..


When is the BEST time to do baby’s photos?


Baby photography can be a BIG investment. The financial struggle is real for so many families.  I get it. We spend a lot of money on things for our babies to bring comfort and ease to our lives in anticipation of their arrival. Some are necessary- think car seats and strollers. Some are complete splurges and will be short-lived- think mamaroo’s/swings and ALL THOSE CLOTHES.

Want something they will never outgrow? Their portraits.

But all that aside, if you are on a budget and can only do ONE session with me, which one should you invest in. My answer might actually surprise you.

While I want to say newborn- because they are my absolute favorite and I want everyone to invest in newborn photos, I’d be lying. I actually think the 6 month session should be the one if you can only pick one.

Why? Because parents are a little less exhausted. They have gotten into a rhythm with their baby vs the survival mode of the newborn session. These babies are just reaching some pretty amazing milestones like sitting up, teeth often making their debut, they are smiling at silly noises and sounds, they have little to no stranger anxiety. They are not quite mobile enough we are chasing them around and putting them back. It’s really the sweetest session.

Why not a 12 month session? 12 months if they are not walking, they sure are fast (and determined). Often they are wary of new people and stranger anxiety has definitely kicked in. They also get bored or tired pretty quickly and outfit changes can be problematic.

I think the gold standard would be the 6-month session if you are only looking to do one. If you can budget in 2 or 3 photography sessions, I would book newborn, 6 month and 12 month trio.

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