Charlottesville Newborn Photographer One Month Old Baby Ethan

Newborn Baby Ethan

One month old photography session

I often get clients who reach out after their newborn has been born asking if they can still get them in for photos. They ask me, “Is my baby to old?” or “Am I to late”.  Here is the honest answer.
You are NEVER to late to have your baby photographed. Regardless of what age your baby is. But, we might be to late for certain poses. Or the session just might be a swaddle session only, or it might take a little longer. But to capture those details, those can be captured no mater what or when or how old your baby is.


Sweet baby Ethan was over a month old when he came to see me. I love that we were able to get many photos of him and it didn’t matter that he was an “older” baby. He rocked his newborn session and we were able to get some sweet, wonderful memories of his newborn goodness for his family to treasure forever.

Do you have an “older” newborn you still want to have photographed but thought possibly you were to late? Message me at and we can chat!

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