When and WHY should I book a studio maternity session?


When and WHY should I book a studio maternity session?

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Should you book a studio maternity session? I often ask my clients what exactly are they looking for from a session?
Do you like to be posed? Glamour like shots? How much skin do you want to show? OR are you interested in just capturing your pregnancy moments. The difference in an indoor studio session and a sunset session is really my involvement. How much of me is involved.

When shooting outdoors, I am just a fly on the wall. I am surrounding your space and photographing the moment. When I am indoors, I am in your space. Moving you, posing you, photographing you. It’s the difference between a portrait session and a memory session. One is posed and captured, the other is telling a story. I love both which is why I offer both.

Here are questions I ask clients to ask themselves.

How many outfit changes do you want in your maternity session? More than 2? Do a studio session.

Do you want to be nude in some of your photos? Lean towards a studio session.

Is your session a solo session? Studio.

Will your spouse be attending the session? Yes. Both will work. No. Lean towards a studio session.

Will there be Children? Outdoors is always best so they can run around and burn off energy. Children don’t last very long in the studio.

Do you like the posed glamour look? Choose to be in the Studio.

Do you like the more natural, less posed look? You should choose to be outdoors for your maternity photos.

Still not sure what maternity session to book with me? Reach out via my contact form at the top of my website OR message me at info@angelamcnaulphotography.com


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