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A Newborn Mini Session, why short and sweet can be pure perfection

Currently, inflation is, to say the least, quite rampant. Many of my clients are dealing with budget constraints, making it challenging to consider spending on luxury items like newborn photography. However, it’s important to remember that these precious newborn moments are fleeting. In the blink of an eye, those adorable baby scrunches and tiny fits-in-one-hand moments will be gone.

This is where my newborn mini sessions come in. While still a luxury, they offer a more budget-friendly alternative to my full sessions. You will receive the same high-quality portraits, boutique props, and exquisite artistry, but in a more concise and affordable package.

My newborn mini sessions are held in my Charlottesville studio and feature swaddle-only portraits. Each session lasts less than an hour, including time for feedings, and captures the pure perfection of your newborn.

I begin our session with a few base layers, keeping your newborn’s little hands accessible for holding adorable prop stuffies. Then, I use a top swaddle layer, which makes it easier to swap out wraps for a second or third prop setup. Each newborn mini session includes 2-3 prop setups in coordinating colors, ensuring a seamless flow for both the session and your portraits.

Clients can choose their preferred colors for the session and select from a variety of hats, bonnets, stuffies, headbands, and more.

Curious if a newborn mini session is right for you? Message me via the contact form at top of my website and let’s chat!

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