Embrace your beauty and capture your journey.

When is the best time to photograph my maternity session?

I find that most pregnant moms are the most comfortable being photographed between 30-36 weeks along. Before then, your bump just might be too small or not showing. After 36 weeks, most moms are experiencing discomfort. Sometimes fluid retention is just uncomfortable as the baby grows and takes up the remaining space. That said, if you choose to have a maternity session before or after that window I have lots of tips and advice to provide the most flattering poses and outfits so your session is one you treasure and will not regret.

Do you provide dress and gowns for our session?

Yes! My Charlottesville studio is stocked with 50-60 gowns at any time. New dresses arrive monthly. These are all shapes and size gowns and were bought specifically with maternity clients in mind. These maternity gowns are complimentary use with any maternity session booked. We can definitely look them over and try them on during your design consultation! You are also more than welcome to bring or wear your own. The most important thing is that you feel and look amazing and feel and look comfortable!

Want to see what is current in the studio?

With new monthly arrivals, I often post what is current on my Instagram.

Besides coming into the studio, dresses can be viewed on my Instagram by either clicking on my ” stories” or the highlight tab that says “maternity dresses”

Can I do a studio session? Or does it have to be outdoors?

 I strongly encourage outdoor maternity sessions when toddlers are going to participate. They need the space to run and play and bring out their natural personalities. I like to reserve the studio for my bumps only or husband and wife sessions or families with older children.

What time of day do we offer maternity sessions?

My Charlottesville studio hours are 10 am until 8 pm Monday-Friday with some weekend availability. Outdoor Sessions are done 7 days a week right before sunset in the Charlottesville area.