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Angela McNaul Photography photographing newborn baby Wells Lifestyle Style

You asked “Can we photograph our newborn outdoors? and are you a Newborn Lifestyle photographer?” My answer and more…


Since we are chatting about outdoor newborn photography session, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to share the session from baby Wells. I dont claim to be the go to for Crozet Lifestyle Newborn Photographer searches in google BUT I do often photograph my newborns outdoors when the weather permits in a very lifestyle fashion.

I helped mom find outfits for the girls (thank you Amazon) and I provided moms dress along with Well’s little knit outfit to coordinate with both their family wardrobe AND the location I chose for this session.

With outdoor, lifestyle photography your newborns age is NOT a determiner. I am not trying to get them to sleep. They are being held, snuggled and loved on for the session. So even if they fuss, just capturing the moment can be pure perfection. We choose a date that the weather worked in our favor, about an hour before sunset. I really wish I could share what the location actually looked like. It was a field near me in Old Trail, Crozet. There was so much construction around. Most of the fields were covered in good ole red dirt. But what I loved and drew me to the location was the breathtaking views of the mountains and the combination of the tan/yellow fields and the green grass. I knew the colors would work with the outfits we chose.


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