Engaged ~ Charlottesville Engagement Photography UVA ~enga

As many of you know, I don’t generally gravitate towards engagement photos.  Meghan just so happens to be a co worker of mine at UVA-Nicu (where there is an amazing group of nurses that I had the pleasure of working with (and photographing a few too) the last six years).  When Meghan asked me a while back to do this, I will admit I was hesitant, but when we talked about it a few months later, I actually was very excited to do this shoot.  Its made me step outside of my comfort zone a little, but it was well worth it.  Meghan helped with many of the ideas for the shoot and I was excited about her ideas because they were exactly what I wanted to do! (if I had thought of them on my own lol) Anyways, Paul and Meghan braved the +90 degree weather for this shoot and they look fabulous regardless of the heat.  The grounds of UVA had a lot of construction going on, but we still were able to get some amazing shots.  Thank you Meghan for asking me to do this! I had a blast!!!! Best Wishes to both of you in the next step of your life.



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